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One of the most important services provided by the government is emergency medical care.

The United States has a well-developed emergency medical service infrastructure, including public and private ambulance services.

Public ambulances are usually operated by fire departments, police departments, or municipal governments. Private ambulances are usually operated by for-profit companies that provide ambulance transport to hospitals and other medical facilities. , or by non-profit organizations.The earliest ambulances were hand-cranked or otherwise human-powered vehicles designed for transport of patients. They were first used in 1785 and adopted in the mid-19th century, though it was not until 1910 that the modern vehicle came into widespread use. .An ambulance is a type of transport or conveyance intended for the transportation of patients to, from, or between places. In most countries, its modern form was developed during the early 20th century. With technological advances, vehicles have become an integral part of modern emergency care and can be traced back to the invention of the first practical ambulance in New York City in 1887. Several types exist, including those for transporting patients in urban areas (known as Advanced Life Support ambulances)

When it comes to ambulance services, responsibility in the United States falls on a number of different entities. The primary responsibility for ambulance services rests with states, who are responsible for setting and regulating ambulance service standards. Local governments are also responsible for providing adequate ambulance services within their jurisdictions.

Ambulance services are typically provided by private ambulance companies, but public ambulance services are also available in some areas. Public ambulance services are typically funded by taxes, but private ambulance companies are also commonly funded by private donations.

Ambulance services are typically provided by volunteer ambulance crews, but some areas also employ professional ambulance crews. Ambulance service quality can vary significantly from one area to another, and it is important to ensure that the quality of ambulance services meets the needs of the community.

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