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In the last quarter of the 1800s there were several Societies for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals were formed across the United States. Although these organizations had huge success during their time, they did not have the same voice to promote the humane cause. Four years later, representatives from 27 humane groups from 10 states gathered at the first meeting in which they could pool their resources and share their goals. It was during this gathering when American Humane was founded, and immediately began to tackle one of its initial goals -to bring an end cruel animal welfare practices of farms as well as the miserable conditions under the conditions in which they were kept.

There are both private and public animal rescue organizations throughout the fifty United States and the District of Columbia. These shelters, rescues and other organizations assist animals in need , as well as helping those who are unable to longer care for their pets. The staff who manage and work at these refuges are worthy of our respect and appreciation as true caregivers. .

A open-door shelter can accept animals of any kind regardless of the reason, and typically, it is a municipal-run shelter or private shelter that is operating under a contract with a municipality.A pet that is in a shelter can have four possible outcomes which include returning to its owners, adopt and transfer a different shelter or rescue center, or the death of an animal. shelter partners comprise fosters, rescue groups, and sanctuary. Groups for rescue frequently take shelter dogs and help lessen the numbers of pets in shelters. .

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