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There are around 29,537 fire departments across the United States. Of them the departments of 2,789 (9 percent) comprise purely of firefighters who are career-oriented, and 19067 (65 percent) are made up of volunteers. The majority of department's (9 percent) are predominantly career-oriented and the other 5,148 (17 percent) are mostly volunteer firefighters. .

Estimates of the amount of fire stations and apparatus within the United States during 2017-2019 indicate that there were 71,800 pumpers 7,500 aerial apparatuses, 80,600 other vehicles for suppression (e.g. pumpers with smaller than 1,000 gpm, tankers, brush vehicles) and 50,800 other vehicles (e.g. lighting, rescue ambulance, and rescue vehicles) as well as 57,000 stations.

In the year of 2019, US fire departments handled 37,272,000 emergency calls, three times more than the response of 10,819,000 in 1980. .

The fire department's facilities are strategically located buildings in which equipment and personnel can be found until they are required to assist in an emergency. Equipment used by the fire department requires an extensive amount of cleaning and maintenance and safe storage. The facility should be designed to meet these requirements.

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