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Recorders of Deeds are a vital part of the civil justice system in the United States. These court officers record the formal proceedings of court, including the signing of documents and the admission of evidence. They also maintain a public record of court proceedings.

Recorders of Deeds are appointed by the state courts and are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the court records. They are required to take an oath of office and to comply with the state's recordkeeping requirements.

The Recorder of Deeds is the county officer responsible for recording deeds, mortgages, and other documents pertaining to the transfer of property. They also issue marriage licenses and handle a variety of administrative duties. The Recorder’s office is often referred to as the “recording office” or “clerk’s office.”

The Recorder of Deeds is an elected position in all fifty states, with some exceptions.

In many states, the recorder's responsibilities are limited to recording deeds and other instruments such as mortgages or liens on real estate; issuing marriage licenses; and performing administrative tasks such as notifying landowners about tax delinquencies or conducting elections for local offices. In other jurisdictions, these duties are handled by other officers.

The responsibilities of a Recorders of Deeds include:

Recording the proceedings of court

Maintaining a public record of court proceedings

Oath of office

State recordkeeping requirements

Qualifications for a Recorders of Deeds include:

A minimum of two years' experience as a court reporter

A valid state court reporter's license

An ability to read and write English

The ability to comply with state recordkeeping requirements

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