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A assessor can be described as a official who determines the worth of the property in order to determine the local real estate taxation for taxation purposes. The information that assessors collect is used to determine the the future real estate taxes. Assessors estimate the value of property within the town's or city's limits. This value is converted to the form of an assessment. This is a key part of the calculation for tax bills for real property. .

The Assessor's Office evaluates real and personal property. It also maintains the records of every real estate transaction and keeps a current list of ownership of properties in the city. The office has three sections: Personal Property, Real Property as well as Records & Mapping. Each section works together to precisely determine, list, categorize and appraise all tax-exempt properties to attain fairness and equity in value. .

Assessor Office determines the appropriate assessment of a property or asset typically for the purpose of taxation.

The local assessors are the foundation for the municipal valuation of properties.

Tax assessors may use a variety of techniques for determining the value of property that was not recently sold. Determining which technique to use and how to apply it inherently involves judgment.

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