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The United States' construction industry is dominated by Building Departments. They are responsible for the construction of bridges and buildings. The day-to-day operation of each department is managed by the offices within the respective departments.

There are many locations where Building Department offices can be found in the United States. Many construction projects are underway in cities, so departmental offices are located in these areas. Many departmental offices are located in areas where there is a high concentration building trades workers.

There are many staff members who work in departmental offices. Construction managers, estimators and inspectors are the most common employees. Engineers are also a common workforce.

The history of the United States' building departments is long. Builders were often given the task of erecting large structures and forts in colonial America. Construction workers became more important as the country grew. Many building projects were initially funded by the government in the early days. As time passed, more construction projects were taken on by private companies.

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