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There are many types of health departments across the United States. While some health departments are responsible to public health, others are responsible for the environment. While some health departments are only responsible for public health within a particular geographic area, others are responsible to a wider geographic area. While some health departments are responsible to provide health care, others are responsible to investigate health problems.

The United States Public Health Service is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It serves as the nation's primary public health protector, and has the mission to reduce health disparities. Its five core functions include prevention, promotion, research, health information, leadership, direction, and health promotion. The USPHS has seven regional offices and over 1,200 nationwide field offices.

The United States has health departments that are responsible for promoting and protecting public health. They monitor and investigate health issues, develop and implement policies and programs to control and prevent disease, as well as providing education and outreach to their community. The state or local government usually appoints a health officer to lead the health department.

The overall operation of the department's programs and services is overseen by the health officer. Public health nurses, epidemiologists and environmental health specialists are just a few of the other staff members. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the federal agency responsible for directing public health efforts in the United States.

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