Maybell Volunteer Ambulance


  11 of 86 Ambulance Services in Colorado
  853 in Ambulance Services

Maybell Volunteer Ambulance Contact Informations

Address, Phone Number, and Hours for Maybell Volunteer Ambulance, an Ambulance Services, at Maybell.

Name : Maybell Volunteer Ambulance

Address : 114 Collum Court Maybell, Colorado, 81640

Locality : Maybell

Phone : 970-272-3740

Hours :
Open Daily 12:00 AM-11:55 PM

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About Maybell Volunteer Ambulance in Maybell

Maybell Volunteer Ambulance is Ambulance Services located at 114 Collum Court Maybell, Colorado, 81640

Phone number for Maybell Volunteer Ambulance is 970-272-3740.

It ranks  11 of 86 Ambulance Services in Colorado.

It ranks  853 in Ambulance Services.

Maybell Volunteer Ambulance is responsible for setting and regulating ambulance service standards. Maybell Volunteer Ambulance is also responsible for providing adequate ambulance services within their jurisdictions.

Ambulance services are typically provided by private ambulance companies in Maybell, but public ambulance services are also available in some areas in Maybell. Public ambulance services are typically funded by taxes, but private ambulance companies are also commonly funded by private donations in Maybell.

Ambulance services are typically provided by volunteer ambulance crews, but some areas also employ professional ambulance crews. Ambulance service quality can vary significantly from one area to another, and it is important to ensure that the quality of ambulance services meets the needs of the community.

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